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Doll News: June 2016 Edition

Photo Credits: From left to right, Tree Change Dolls, Toy News International, Sydney Rose. This June saw a number of new doll releases from Mattel and other toy companies, but the big doll news this month is the change in how we play with dolls. Dolls were originally made for children, and this is still true, but more and more adults enjoy…

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10 Reasons why Every Artist should keep a Sketchbook

Do you have a sketchbook? If you're an artist, a design student, an illustrator, or anyone else that works in a creative-visual field you should draw and sketch frequently. A sketchbook is a great tool to help you do this. It's a personal space dedicated to your vision, drawings, doodles and ideas. Not convinced? Here are ten reasons why every artist should keep a sketchbook. (more…)

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Five Fabulous Fashion Illustrators to Follow on Instagram 

As you would guess, being a fashion illustrator myself I'm obsessed with fashion illustration.  I love seeing what other people are doing in the field and have been following fashion illustrators online for years. Last year I wrote a post on my favorite fashion illustration blogs. These days I skip the individual websites and head straight to Instagram for my daily visual feast. I've found a number of fashion illustrators…

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