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Princess of the World Barbie Dolls: The Design Illustrations

Once upon a time I worked as a doll designer at Mattel. In the Barbie Collector group I came up with an idea for a collection of historical dolls to refresh the old folkloric Dolls of the World line. The Princess of the World Barbie Dolls were the result. I spent several wonderful years researching historical fashion from around the globe for my designs. Each doll started with a…

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Who Makes Doll Clothes? Doll Tailor Mario Gesualdi Does!

Every doll you find on the shelf at Target starts as a single prototype. Many doll professionals work on creating the dolls that we all love, from Barbie to Bratz. Have you ever wondered who makes those tiny doll clothes? Mario Gesualdi is one of a handful of people in the toy industry who creates doll clothing patterns and sews these tiny…

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Barbie and Kelly: A blast from the past

Do you ever start organizing old boxes and find forgotten treasures hidden inside? While sorting through things in my storage unit I unearthed several bins filled with some of the Barbie dolls I designed when I worked at Mattel.  I also came across this Barbie Bazaar from October 1998. On the cover are Barbie and Kelly in cute outfits inspired by the…

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