Pony Royale: Design Illustrations

In this gallery are my original design illustrations for Pony Royale.  Although the dolls changed on their way to become the dolls shown on Pony Royale World, the whimsical nature and royal flare remains. Click on the arrows to see all six ponies.

Pony Royale is an open-ended play system that promotes creativity and delivers on girls’ favorite play patterns – fashion play, hair play and nurturing. The story invites girls to imagine they are the princess with all these beautiful ponies to love and care for—it is a fresh new empowering way to play out princess fantasies. – Pony Royale World

In 2009 I began collaborating with Nancy Zweirs of Funosophy on new toy inventions. Together with a team of talented artists including sculptor Margi Wray,  designer Mitzi McCarthy, marketing wiz Kim Ferguson, and the team at BK Creative including Judy Mullins and Lisa Cruz, I created a line of princess pony dolls inspired by historical fashion and the whimsical carousels of the 19th century. We named our invention “Pony Royale”. There are twelve glamorous princess ponies in the line. Each one comes with its own birthstone and a set of two interchangeable manes and tails. The dolls also feature easy-to-dress equine garments and accessories.

To read the story of inventing the dolls see: Inventing a Toy: The Story of Pony Royale. 


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