My Mermaid and Me 18″ Doll Design

My Mermaid is a child’s new magical friend. Half human and half fish, she is ready to dive into new adventures. – My Mermaid and Me

I worked with Sonos Product Development on the design for the 18″ vinyl doll “My Mermaid and Me”. We started with inspiration boards to help set the mood and guide the designs. I then drew a few quick sketches to show options for the face, hair, body and costume design. Once approved by the client I created the full color renderings in Adobe Photoshop. The staff at Sonos created the prototypes and finished production dolls.

Learn more about the design process at the Sonos Product Development website here. To purchase a doll go to My Mermaid and Me.

Images used with approval of Sonos Product Development.

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