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The Dolls of Toy Fair 2017

The American International Toy Fair is the jam-packed festival to all things toy. Roaming the aisle you will find everything from toy cars to robots, from monsters to marble runs. Of course you will find dolls too. The dolls of Toy Fair come in a wide variety. They can be large or small, stuffed or jointed, modern or historical.  Here are a few…

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Princess of the World Barbie Dolls: The Design Illustrations

Once upon a time I worked as a doll designer at Mattel. In the Barbie Collector group I came up with an idea for a collection of historical dolls to refresh the old folkloric Dolls of the World line. The Princess of the World Barbie Dolls were the result. I spent several wonderful years researching historical fashion from around the globe for my designs. Each doll started with a…

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Toy People Really do Care about Kids

On June 16th I met up some of my fellow toy people at an airy warehouse in Compton to organize and wrap toys for children in foster care.  CASA of Los Angeles and the Toy Industry Foundation organized the event, aptly called "Play Your Part L.A." It was a lot of fun. Not only did I spend an enjoyable morning helping to pack huge shipping crates…

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