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Princess of the World Barbie Dolls: The Design Illustrations

Once upon a time I worked as a doll designer at Mattel. In the Barbie Collector group I came up with an idea for a collection of historical dolls to refresh the old folkloric Dolls of the World line. The Princess of the World Barbie Dolls were the result. I spent several wonderful years researching historical fashion from around the globe for my designs. Each doll started with a…

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What does a Doll Wear to Her Sweet Sixteen?

A couple years ago I had this crazy idea to answer readers' fashion questions with fashion illustrations. It was an interesting but short-lived experiment on my fashion blog "The Style Confessions". Although I studied fashion design in school I found a job at Mattel fairly early on in my career. I've been designing dolls and doll clothes for years. As a result…

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It’s Tiki Time! A Play Set Design for your Hula-loving Dolls

All the girls I know who love going to hula theme birthday parties for their friends inspired my "Tiki Time" Hawaiian party play set design. The doll-sized 3D tiki hut is strung with lanterns, topped with "straw" and designed to look like real bamboo.  It would be cool if it played some Hula music because, after all, parties need music.  The play set also…

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