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My Website Gets a Mini Makeover

My online portfolio has gotten a mini-makeover! Last year I updated the header to include one of my favorite doll design illustrations. This summer I simplified the images on the front page and updated the copy on some of the pages. This week I updated the portfolio. Did you know I DIY the whole thing? I've never hired anyone to help me design…

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Five Fabulous Fashion Illustrators to Follow on Instagram 

As you would guess, being a fashion illustrator myself I'm obsessed with fashion illustration.  I love seeing what other people are doing in the field and have been following fashion illustrators online for years. Last year I wrote a post on my favorite fashion illustration blogs. These days I skip the individual websites and head straight to Instagram for my daily visual feast. I've found a number of fashion illustrators…

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The Importance of a Great Profile Picture

Do you remember glamour shots? It was all the rage in the early 1990's to get all gussied up, go to the mall, and have a photographer take photos of you in lots of marabou, makeup and big hair. Back then taking a glamour shot was just a fun thing to do, but these days having a good portrait isn't…

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