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The ArtistWelcome to my website! My name is Heather Fonseca and I am an independent girls’ toy designer. I offer customized design and illustration services to clients who dream of producing a line of dolls. I will collaborate with you to create a one-of-a-kind, visual representation of your dream doll, including the face design, body proportions, hair style, outfit and accessories.

How do I design a doll?

GothGirlFrontPageWorking closely with my clients, I take their ideas through three design steps: Concept, Sketch and Color Illustration, to visualize and define their dream doll.

I start by creating a mood board of images based on the design direction. (See a few examples here.) Once you’ve given me feedback I will sketch a few ideas in pencil.

When the pencil sketch is approved I start working on the full color illustration. The illustration incorporates your doll’s unique face and body proportions as well as clothing design. Hairstyle, fashion accessories, shoes and jewelry are part of the doll design.

Who has hired me for freelance design?

BeeYou Hispanic Doll DesignI worked full time for Mattel designing Barbie dolls for ten years. As an independent designer I have provided illustration and toy design services to large and small toy companies like MGA, Jakks Pacific, Spinmaster, Sonos Prototype Development, and Dynamic Designworks Inc. I’ve also worked for a number of private clients and entrepreneurs. For more information on my professional background please see my biography and resume.

Why hire me to design a one-of-a-kind doll for you?The Fashion Bloggers - A sketch

Before you can develop and manufacture a doll you need to know what it looks like. Once my clients have a 2D representation of their doll design (an illustration) they can work on their branding, marketing strategy and start developing their 3D doll prototype with confidence.

How much does it cost?

Doll illustrations start at $200.

Full-service doll designs start at $500 per doll

How long does it take?

Most full-service designs take a few weeks from design start to finished, full-color, illustration.

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