The Dolls of Toy Fair 2017

The American International Toy Fair is the jam-packed festival to all things toy. Roaming the aisle you will find everything from toy cars to robots, from monsters to marble runs. Of course you will find dolls too. The dolls of Toy Fair come in a wide variety. They can be large or small, stuffed or jointed, modern or historical.  Here are a few of my favorites from Toy Fair 2017.

The Dolls of Toy Fair

Toy Fair is held every February in New York City. According to the Toy Industry Association, it’s the largest, and oldest, toy trade show in the Western Hemisphere. It’s also a lot of fun, especially if you like toys. As a “play professional” and independent doll designer I wanted to check out what was new in the realm of dolls, especially fashion dolls. Some of the dolls I saw are old friends, but there were many that I didn’t know existed. A few I’ve only seen online and was really excited to meet in real life.


Lottie is a cute, small-scale doll sold in adorable, storybook style packages. Lottie and her friend Finn are designed as nine-year old children. Their child-like bodies have realistic proportions and can stand on their own. The realism extends to the clothing. Tiny, real, buttons decorate cute, kid-appropriate outfits. And seriously, how cute are the packages they come in? 

My Ballerina Dolls

My Ballerina Dolls are the idea and creation of a real ballerina (You can see her dressed in costume with above!) These large, 22” tall, ballet dolls are fully articulated. They can be posed in all the traditional ballet positions and they can also stand on their own. Their whimsical costumes are ornate and detailed.

New York Doll

New York Doll is a collection of fashionable,18” girls and their accessories. The line includes some very cool clothes and a chic doll stroller. How can you not love the kitty cat swimsuit? And look at the details on the shoes!

Tonner Dolls

The Internet is all excited about Tonner Doll’s new transgender teen named “Jazz”. She is very pretty but I really love Tonner’s elegant and intricate fashion dolls. I adore the all-black outfit and 1920’s inspired makeup on the doll above, and there’s something wonderful about her sexy companion below. Tonner was one of the doll lines I was able to photograph last year. To see a few of them check out my post on Toy Fair 2016

Boy Story

I first heard about Boy Story dolls online last year and wrote about them in this post. As the story goes Kristin was looking for a boy doll for her son but couldn’t find one, anywhere, so she decided to produce her own line of boys dolls. I was so excited to meet this entrepreneur in real life! I was also looking forward to examining the dolls more closely. The dolls are very cute and well made. They’re articulated and sit really well. But what I really loved were the clothes. The details are amazing! There are real buttons and working buttonholes on the clothing, even on the shirt cuffs! I only got the one photo of the dolls with their creators, Kristin and Katie, but you can see some of the details.

A Girl for all Time

A Girl for all Time is a lovely line of 18” dolls, novels and keepsake books. The story starts in Tudor England with Matilda, and continues through history to the current day with Maya and her friends. Although I had heard of the dolls I had never seen them in person. They’re very pretty, and the costumes are exceptional. I have loved historical dolls since I designed the Dolls of the World Princess Collection, so I really appreciate the research and thought that went into this beautiful line of dolls.

Starpath Dolls

Starpath dolls are another new-to-me collection of beautiful 18” dolls that I discovered walking the aisles of Toy Fair. These multicultural dolls, which are all named after a different kind of star, act as a best friend for their child. Each doll comes with a personalized chapter books starring the girl and her doll. I love the doll’s uniquely sculpted faces and think the Asian doll, Wishing Star, is especially beautiful and authentic.

The Real Tooth Fairies

I saw The Real Tooth Fairies at last year’s Toy Fair but the dolls were too new to photograph. This year they’re at market so I’m able to share some photos. The doll interact with a cute tooth-hiding chest. There are also two other new dolls with glowing wings in the line. Learn more about the dolls at

Madame Alexander

Every doll lover has heard of Madame Alexander, and I’m no exception. I was personally introduced to the line last year but was excited to see several 12” fashion dolls in the mix this time. Madame Alexander also makes The Space Pop Girls. I’d love to add a couple of them to my collection.

Shibajuku Girls

Shibajuku Girls made an Internet splash when they were introduced last year. According to the toy guru Banana from LittleMissNoNam, Shibajuku had a booth at Toy Fair last year but I completely missed her. This time I made a point of finding her and I’m so glad I did. These dolls are seriously cute. I want one. And I want her scooter too. The mini dolls are new, and if possible, even cuter that the original large doll. 

Phew! That’s a lot of dolls, and I know I missed quite a few. Some companies asked me not to photograph their dolls so they are not presented here. All the photos are my own.

Which dolls are your favorite?

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