Doll News: June 2016 Edition

Photo Credits: From left to right, Tree Change Dolls, Toy News International, Sydney Rose.

Photo Credits: From left to right, Tree Change Dolls, Toy News International, Sydney Rose.

This June saw a number of new doll releases from Mattel and other toy companies, but the big doll news this month is the change in how we play with dolls. Dolls were originally made for children, and this is still true, but more and more adults enjoy playing with them. We might not play quite like we did when we were little, but dolls encourage creativity in many people regardless of age. Read on to learn more about the new dolls released this month and how people are changing the world of dolls.

The Doll Phenomenon

With the rise of social media some doll collectors are becoming “Instagram famous” for their charming photos. The article These Adults are Really into Dolls discusses the phenomenon of adult American Girl collector-photographers, like Sydney rose, and their fans.  But they are not the only people who are changing how we interact with dolls. A year ago Tree Change Dolls became an online sensation.  Tree Change is the creative project of a woman in Tanzania. She finds second-hand Bratz dolls at thrift stores, repaints their faces and makes them new clothing. The results are enchanting, and have spawned a global movement of like-minded doll enthusiasts. Check out the video here: Redfern Dolls: Tree Change Dolls inspire global movement.

Barbie in the News

Mattel hit the news early in the month with the release of three Star Trek collector Barbie dolls. Featuring the Kirk, Spock, and Uhura, the dolls capture the look and feel of the original 1960s show. Read more and see some great photos in “Mattel Releases Special 50th Anniversary ‘Star Trek’ Barbie Dolls“. If you thought that got Star Trek fans excited, imagine the frenzy when Mattel announced the Exclusive Star Trek 50th Anniversary Slave Orion Girl Barbie Doll. She’s all-green and really fabulous, but if you want one you’ll need to visit San Diego Comic Con. She’s only sold there.

Game Developer Barbie shot onto the scene a week or so after the release of the Star Trek dolls.   There was a big buzz about the doll’s clothing because Barbie isn’t wearing her usual pink. According to the article “Mattel releases Game Developer Barbie to inspire a new generation of women to enter the tech industry” real game developers designed the doll’s clothing. People must like the look because the doll has already sold out online.

Other Dolls in the News

Also in the doll news this month, Bandai is coming out with a new line of dolls.  Although Bandai is known for selling boys toys, according to this article in Toy News they are set to re-enter girls’ market with Famosa dolls. Meanwhile, Moose Toys has a cute doll line called “Shoppies” that are not your average fashion dolls. Designed as an extension of the popular Shopkins brand, they’re bright, fun, and little. Read more about them in Moose Toys’ next shopping spree.

That’s all the doll news for June. See you later this summer for more on what’s happening in the doll world.

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