Meet the Doll Designers of the Future!

Meet the Doll Designers of the Future

Every year I like to attend the Annual Exhibition of the graduating student’s work at Otis College of Art and Design. As an alum I am proud of my school, but seeing the talent and mad skills of the new students really makes me happy (…and a little jealous! I wasn’t taught all those great computer skills in school.) Each graduate displays their best work on three display boards. They have piles of resumes and business cards to give to prospective employers.  Sometimes the graduates give away pins or little stuffed animals as a special extra something, but the focus is, of course, their artwork and designs.  Nineteen toy designers graduated this year from Otis’ toy design program, but for this blog post I focused on the six young women who love designing dolls. Here are the doll designers of the future!

Edna Vogel

Meet the Doll Designers of the Future

I immediately fell in love with Edna Vogel’s “Calaveritas” Day of the Dead dolls as well as her colorful display boards and decorations inspired by her Mexican heritage. Learn more about Edna wonderful creations on her website at Find her on Instagram @yedna.

Molly Womack

Meet the Doll Designers of the Future

I’m not very into cars, but when I first saw Molly Womack’s designs for “Retro Roadettes” I thought they were adorable.  See more of her vintage-inspired dolls on her website at Follow her on Instagram @momack.

Olivia TorizMeet the Doll Designers of the Future

With names like “Little Freakies” “Fashion Monster” and “Witchling” you know Olivia Toriz likes the creepy side of cute. You can see more of Olivia’s sweet and scary designs on her website. Follow Olivia on Instagram @livid.dreams.

Ester KimMeet the Doll Designers of the Future

Love those sketches! Esther Kim is a talented young woman with a wide range of skills. Head over to her website, to see her entire toy portfolio.

Sara Kojima Zolner

Meet the Doll Designers of the Future

The cute girls seen in the photo above behind Sara are called “The Stowaways”. They come with lots of fun creative activities for girls and live in their own travel-themed carrying cases. Sounds like something I needed for my daughter when she was little! See all Sara’s cute designs at

Dawn MarshallMeet the Doll Designers of the Future

How can you NOT love a doll line named “Funky Fros”? Dawn Marshall’s hair play doll includes magnets and all sorts of fun ways to play with her doll’s curly hair. And that’s just one of the dolls that Dawn has dreamed up. go check out more on her website at and follow her on Instagram @thedawnoftime.

Congratulations to the whole 2016 graduating class. Wishing all these talented toy and doll designers a wonderful, creative, future.

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  1. May 24, 2016 - 5:58 PM

    Heather I was at the Senior Show too and loved all your Doll Designer picks! These were also some of my favorite concepts and designers. There were many more I loved as well, but I guess you have to make a blog post short and sweet. Great post.
    Cheers Otis College of Art & Design Class of 2016!