Doll News: April 2016 Edition

Doll News April 2016This month I’m launching a recurring feature here on my design blog. Dolls News: The best doll stories, articles and reviews on the web lists the best dollcentric editorials I’ve found on the internet that month. I had a lot of fun selecting the stories and hope you will enjoy reading them.

Doll News, Reviews and a little bit of History too

Since I started my career in doll design at Mattel I’ll start with news about Barbie. The changes to her body is still a big topic of discussion on the web. This month Toy News interviewed one of Mattel’s top VP’s about Barbie’s new body styles in Mattel’s Kim Culmone on Barbie’s new body shapes, the doll’s critics and people power.

Barbie is changing with the times, but her curves have always made waves. ‘A Doll with Breasts’ The Radical Legacy of Barbie exposes America’s favorite doll’s racy past. Well researched, interesting, and dotted with photos of Lili as well as early Barbie.

This month the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures in Kansas is exploring images of African-American people in the exhibit  Stereotypes to Civil Rights: Black Paper Dolls in America. Watch the video and read the article in A deeper look at toys: Kansas City Toy Museum examines how toys and history are intertwined.

Delve even further back into the past with The Peculiar History of Celebrity Dolls, How a commemorative doll of Karl Lagerfeld is related to the Venus of Willendorf. The article traces the whole history of dolls, all the way back to pre-history!

But back to the present day; a new line of dolls will be coming our way soon. Do you watch “Empire”? If so you might want to buy a few of the dolls Stacy McBride of The One World Doll Project is creating with Robert Tonner. Read all about it here: Empire Collectors Doll Line to Arrive this Fall.

Music festivals have been a big thing for decades, but now our dolls get to have some festival fun too. Bratz has come out with their own collection of music festival themed dolls. Check out this review of the dolls in Coachella = Festival Season: A Look at the BRATZ Music Festival Vibes Collection.

That’s all for now! I’ll be returning in May for more doll news and editorials. If you’d like to submit a review or article for submission please email me via my contact page.

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