What does a Doll Wear to Her Sweet Sixteen?

Sweet SixteenA couple years ago I had this crazy idea to answer readers’ fashion questions with fashion illustrations. It was an interesting but short-lived experiment on my fashion blog “The Style Confessions”. Although I studied fashion design in school I found a job at Mattel fairly early on in my career. I’ve been designing dolls and doll clothes for years. As a result just about everything I draw looks like a doll! This illustration, which was for a teenage girl who wanted to know what to wear to her Sweet Sixteen party, came out looking very doll-like indeed.

The reader’s name was Alvita. Here’s what she asked me:

I am a teenager and I’m going to be 16 year old this month. I am going to celebrate my party with my friends. I hope you can give me inspiration because I have no idea! I’m super thin and I usually dress casually. I like something colorful. Thank you:)

What did I wear to my sweet sixteen? You know, it’s sad because I don’t remember. My birthday party was a little lunch with a few of my friends at a nice restaurant. I wanted a mega-blow-out dance party like the one’s my friends all seemed to be having, but I didn’t get one.

I don’t know what girls wear to their sweet sixteen anymore. Jeans maybe? Everything has gotten so casual. I encouraged Alvita to wear something fun and special, like the dress worn over a blouse in the drawing above. I don’t know what she decided because she never responded to the post, which was over on my fashion blog The Style Confessions. She probably wore her best jeans. Sigh.

Even though girls don’t dress up the way they used to, I’m thankful that dolls are still over the top, fun and fabulous. And I get to design them!

The illustration was created on the computer in Corel Painter.

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