What Does a Doll Wear in the Rain?

What does a doll wear in the rain?What does a doll wear in the rain? Well you know it has to be cute and chic! This doll design comes with more than one outfit, just in case her cute pink polka dot umbrella and pink-piped black vinyl raincoat don’t keep her dry. 

A Rainy Day Doll Fashion Design

A Rainy Day is a doll and fashion pack inspired by the Liv dolls created by Spinmaster. It includes a fitted cropped jacket with black piping over a fluffy white blouse and super-short mini skirt. She wears matching plaid thigh-high tights and some very inappropriate black heels, but dolls don’t need to be too practical do they? The doll comes with an extra plaid dress, in case she needs to change, and a shiny black vinyl rain coat. Umbrella, flowers and a big plaid purse complete the look

The story behind the design

About a year into my freelance doll design business the recession hit and the clients I’d been slowly building disappeared along with housing bubble.  I needed to get some new customers, fast. I realized one of the best ways to show my portfolio to potential clients was to go in for job interviews. In all honesty, at the time I would have been pleased to have gotten a full-time job if it had materialized, but I was also happy to just show my portfolio around. I contacted Spinmaster about a job opening and got an interview. If you’re a designer then you know that whenever you interview for a new job it’s always a good idea to do something new for that specific company.  So, I spent the next few days creating “A Rainy Day in May” for Liv and this design for a Tiki-themed play set.

The interview did not go well. The designer who questioned me felt my knowledge of plastics was minimal. (She was right.) I did not get the job. It was disappointing but, a week or so later I got a big freelance project from them. I learned a lot on that project, did some very fun work and met some great people in the world of toys. This drawing will always hold a lot of joy for me because of that.

This drawing of Liv is one of my favorite pieces in my portfolio, but she’s not the only doll I’ve dreamed up. See them all on my doll design gallery.