Cuteness Overload! Shopping LA’s Little Tokyo

Cuteness Overload!

LA’s Little Tokyo shopping mall is THE destination for all things Japanese. I have written before about some of the cool things the shops sell, but this time it seemed like there was even more cuteness on the shelves than usual. From beauty products to mugs to art supplies, I couldn’t decide which things were just silly and what I really needed. Scroll down to see the cuteness overload. 

For instance, I want a whole collection of these adorable erasers, but what would I do with them? I think I need a doll house! Wouldn’t they just be perfect for Barbie’s dream house? Some of them are just about Barbie scale.

Miniature erasers on sale in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

The erasers are cute but not very practical. How about these paper clips? I use paper clips all the time!

Adorable paper clips on sale in Little Tokyo Los Angeles.

I don’t use puffy stickers often, but I loved them as a child. Cuteness factor? The panda family climbing the tree is definitely a 10.

Puffy stickers on sale in Little Tokyo

And I drink coffee, so why not drink it out of a face?

Face mug for coffee

My daughter packs her lunch to take with her to school. Maybe it would be more enjoyable if she were eating it out of one of these sweet bento box characters. They even have miso soup bowl hats.

Cuteness overload! Bento Box character

These illustrated beauty masks are more weird than cute, but there could be some occasion when I when I might need one. OK. Maybe not. But I love the drawings! Illustration on a Japanese beauty mask

Wonder lip paint sounds like fun too. Blue lips? Why not?
Multi-colored neon lip glosses

No, seriously. I don’t need an illustrated beauty mask or blue lip color. But I would really love to try these beautiful brush-tip markers.

Multi-colored brush-tip markers from Japan

I can see these illustrated pens brightening up my desk. The hearts are cute, but I really like the multi-colored polka dots.Adorable illustrated pens in different colors

See anything you want?

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