Historical Costume Designs on Display at FIDM

Costumes from Turn, Washington's Spies, at FIDM

I am mad for historical romance! Historical costume exhibits are my favorite, be they the real thing or costumes made for a movie or TV show. Once upon a time if you wanted to enjoy really beautiful, historically accurate, costumes, you had to see them on the big screen, but these days the historical gowns on television are as gorgeous as it gets. I know. I saw some on display at the FIDM museum and gallery in Downtown LA a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, The 9th Annual Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design exhibit is no longer open, but I took lots of photos of my favorite costumes. 

The 18th Century Reconstructed

Donna Zakowska designed my favorite of all the historical costumes on display, the gorgeous grey gown on the left, worn by one of the characters from “Turn: Washington’s Spies”.

Costumes from Turn, Washington's Spies, at FIDM

Ladies and Witches

A costume from "Salem", on Display at FIDMAlso quite extraordinary were the gowns worn by the witches and ladies of “Salem”. Above you can see the numerous details that designer Joseph Porro added to the gowns.

Costumes from "Salem", on Display at FIDM

The witch’s clothes were just as glamorous, and covered with tiny details like the bone jewelry on the character below. They are more fantasy than history, but I loved them just the same.

A witch's costume from "Salem", on Display at FIDM

In Tudor Fashion

Costumes from "Wolf Hall" on display at FIDM

Will we ever tire of Henry VIII’s romantic exploits or his tragic queens? I doubt it, and good for us too because Tudor fashion was pretty fabulous. Above Henry poses with Catherine of Aragon in regal purple, while Anne Boleyn lets him know her romantic interests by wearing red, the color of passion. The costumes are by Joanna Eatwell for the show “Wolf Hall”.

Costumes from "Wolf Hall" on display at FIDM

A few details…

Costumes from "Wolf Hall" on display at FIDM

Once Upon a Time

There were many historical costumes at the exhibit, but these were my favorite. Well, the costumes from “Once Upon a Time” by Eduardo Castro were eye candy too. There I am below, checking them out.

Heather Fonseca and the costumes from "Once Upon a Time" at FIDM

Do you love historical costume as much as I do? You might want to check out my Historical Barbie Designs.

Which of the costumes on display were your favorite?

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