Fun Toys and Cute Dolls by the Toy Design Students at Otis

Stella Lee shows off her toy designs at the Otis Annual Exhibition 2015

Stella Lee shows off her toy designs at the Otis Annual Exhibition 2015

Every year the graduating students at Otis College of Art and Design put on a massive exhibition of their work, and every year I see something new and wonderful. For the Annual Exhibition 2015 I decided I had to document all the great things I saw, so I took some photos of the toy design students and their work. If you’re interested in seeing some fun toys and cute dolls created by a very talented and hard working group of kids, scroll on! 

The Toy Design Senior Show

The Otis Annual Exhibition 2015

As we entered the Toy Design floor at Otis we were greeted with this fun sign presenting the toy design senior class as pieces on a board game. Very clever. My daughter loved it.

The Esther Oldenkamp at the Otis Annual Exhibition 2015

It’s always fun to talk to doll and toy designers of tomorrow. Their work is so creative! One of the first students I spoke to was Esther Oldenkamp, above. Her life-size cut out of “It Girls” was impossible to ignore. It drew us in with a big “try me” sign.

The Otis Annual Exhibition 2015 The Otis Annual Exhibition 2015The students decorate large boards to present their work. Often the presentation is as creative as the work being displayed. I loved Ahreume Pyo’s bold, oversized notebook showing off her sketches.

The Otis Annual Exhibition 2015

Grace Lee at The Otis Annual Exhibition 2015

Grace Lee showed us a concept for a “no mess” play makeup table. As a mom I really appreciated this. It’s great to see the students incorporate parental needs into a fun toy for children.

The Otis Annual Exhibition 2015

Tubsters was another great parent-friendly toy concept. Jessica Yidi created this cute bath toy for kids who don’t really like to get clean. The little monsters are filled with soap and other bubbly goodies.

The Otis Annual Exhibition 2015

In addition to the necessary business cards and resumes the students also give away little things to the people who visit their booths. Although pins and buttons are very popular, Layli Nerenberg went the extra mile to sew these sweet little critters to give away!

Eileen Cho at The Otis Annual Exhibition 2015

Eileen Cho did a great job presenting her concepts, including a Hello Kitty game console. What little girl wouldn’t want that?

Hello Kitty Necklace

Hello Kitty is loved by many of the Toy Design students. At the 2011 Annual Exhibition I took a photo of a student who had the famous cat tattooed on her ankles. The student in the photo above hasn’t gone that far, but she is definitely a fan! I love her statement necklace.

Although I tried to take a lot of photos and pick up resumes, I know I missed a lot of the students. For more of their work and links to their websites be sure to check out this link to the Otis Toy Design Seniors.

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