LA Fashion Week Fall 2015 on the Runway

LA Fashion Week Fall 2015 on the RunwayFashion Week, that celebration of clothing and style, hits New York, Milan, and Paris first, then Los Angeles enjoys its moment in the sun. It’s actually more like fashion season than just fashion week! Here in LA, fashion week fall 2015 started in early March and the runway shows haven’t wrapped up yet. I could probably wrangle my way into all of the events, but personally I love attending the collections hosted by the Los Angeles Fashion Council. Their mission is to elevate Los Angeles fashion design.  They do this, partially, by hosting a series of fashion shows for small, local design houses. Most of these independent designers manufacture their lines right here in LA. Their work is a mix of high fashion and casual elegance. Here are a few of my favorite collections and pieces from last week’s shows.

Rose La Grua

I saw one of Rose La Grua’s first runway shows two years ago. Her work was futuristic and outlandish. I found it so inspiring I wrote about it in the post Space Age Clothing and Wild Platform Shoes. This time her show was the first on the list, and I couldn’t wait to see how her style had evolved. I wasn’t disappointed. The collection was romantic and sensual, decorated with ties and bows, a play of textures in a single color, beige. I wouldn’t have worn anything myself from her first collection, but I could easily slip into many of the pieces from her fall 2015 line.

Rose La Grua Fall 2015 Runway show

Rose La Grua Fall 2015 Runway show

Rose La Grua Fall 2015 Runway show

Stella Proseyn

I hope I find Stella Proseyn‘s fall collection at retail this fall because I want it all! The clothes were flattering and wearable but cool and subtly sexy. I especially loved the textured blouson top worn with the matching skirt, below. A new, casual, take on a business suit perhaps?

Stella Proseyn Fall 2015 runway

Stella Proseyn Fall 2015 runway

Stella Proseyn Fall 2015 runway

 Mila Hermaovski

Asymmetry, interesting seaming, and contrasting textures moved down the runway at a quick clip. I wanted to study the pieces because they were so beautifully constructed, but as soon as I could say “fabulous!” there was another model and another great ensemble walking the runway.  Here is a small taste. See the whole collection online here: Mila HermanovskiMila Hermanovski fall 2015 runway

Mila Hermanovski fall 2015 runway

mila hermanovski fall 2015 runway

William Bradley

This beautiful, perfectly tailored, collection was the last of the group. The pieces were feminine and fluid, with delightful details like the tiny ribbon bows adorning the sheath dress, below.

William Bradley fall 2015 runway

William Bradley fall 2015 runway

William Bradley fall 2015 runway
Be sure the check out the rest of his collection at William Bradley Colleciton.

It was a wonderful two day event, and I enjoyed all the shows. Hopefully the designers that presented will find great success with their lines. According to Los Angeles Fashion Council…

Most of our designers work full-time jobs to support their fashion habit, amongst them we have designers who work on movie costumes, designers who work for the ballet, designers who work for fashion giants from retail to design to pattern-making – all essentially running or working for two businesses. It’s important to remember how hard they work and to support them not just at fashion week, but all year round as they launch collections at retail.

Now I’m doubly impressed!

A big thank you to Kelsi Smith, founder of LAFC, for inviting me to her wonderful LA fashion week fall 2015 collections.

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  1. March 20, 2015 - 3:17 PM

    A wonderful post, Heather. It was so much fun to see the shows with you!
    Looking forward to joining you at the Otis afternoon show in May.