Essence of a Star: A collectible doll from Trinity Designs

Essence of a Star, Sketch and Doll

Last year I had the pleasure of working with Nic’cole Graves of Trinity Designs on a sketch for her collectible fashion doll “Essence of a Star”. Star is part of a collection of dolls that celebrate the Black Greek Lettered sororities including “Essence of a Delta” and “Essence of Lady Sigma”.

Nic’cole is an inspiration. She designs, creates, and manufactures all her dolls on her own, in her free time. Those of us who work in the toy industry know how difficult it can be to create and market a successful doll line. Well, Nic’cole has done it! The women of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority inspired her first doll, “The Essence of a Delta”. The other dolls in the line followed and the newest, Star, celebrates the sisters of the Order of Eastern Star.  Each doll is 16 inches tall and is made of vinyl and hard plastic with articulating joints.

As we celebrate black beauty through dolls we endeavor to produce high quality collectibles that inspire, captivate and encourage young women and children to love the skin they’re in. We’re so happy to design beautiful dolls that really are a reflection of who we are.

Although I usually design dolls for my clients, in this case Nic’cole knew just what she wanted. I took her very clear direction and interpreted it into a multi-layered sketch. Photoshop is so helpful with this because you can literally take clothes on and off to show all the different pieces the doll is wearing.

Essence of a Star: A few sketches of the design

Nic’cole then gave the drawing to her sample maker to create the prototype. Now it’s in production and is available for pre-order. I’m so excited because Star came out looking absolutely beautiful!

Essence of  a Star: Closeup of the doll 2

Essence of  a Star: Photo of the doll

Learn more about Essence of a Star here.

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  1. March 27, 2015 - 5:26 AM

    Fantastic! Beautiful sketches and a beautiful doll.