Le Dessein Empowers Girls with Art and Fashion

Le Dessein graphic designI am asked to write blog posts about various businesses and products pretty much constantly. Usually, I ignore the requests, but Le Dessein, a Los Angeles based fashion line, piqued my interests. Their mission is to educate impoverished young women in developing countries, and they’re using art and fashion to achieve their goals. They donate 20% of all their profits to More Than Me Academy in Liberia. Whats more, the very girls this fashion company helps to educate create the art and graphic designs that are featured on the Le Dessein clothing line. It’s the use of these girl’s artwork that I find especially inspirational. These young women are using their talents to help themselves, and we can help them by purchasing a garment decorated with one of their designs. How great is that?

Le Dessein clothing line empowers girls
Le Dessein
Le Dessein
More Than Me girls learn drawing from their art teacher Latty in

About Le Dessein

Le Dessein is a Los Angeles based fashion line whose primary objective is to provide its customers with stunning pieces of clothing, which reflect power, confidence, and compassion. A portion of the sales from every piece in the Le Dessein line of fashion will contribute to the education of the girls at the More Than Me Academy in Liberia who created the artwork that adorns the clothing seen here. We have promised to donate 20% of net proceeds to help fund the purchase of uniforms, supplies, and to subsidize the annual tuition that is required per student.
The long-term benefits of such a donation are truly impactful providing an opportunity to these girls who face the alternative of exploitation, poverty, and little chance to break out of their current state. Once the purchase is made, a donation gives the girls from the More Than Me Academy the tools to explore, enrich, and pursue their talents and dreams.
Le Dessein’s goal is to put 10,000 girls to school over the next ten years and is gearing for its first trip to Haiti to start a similar program with an orphanage in Port-Au-Prince.
You can see Le Dessein’s clothing line and read about their mission at  ledessein.com.

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