The Spirit of Otis Fashion: The Show 2014

The Spirit of Otis Fashion: Recycled FashionEvery year Otis School of Art and Design puts on a gala benefit and fashion show at the Beverly Hilton. The show presents the work of the Junior and Senior fashion students, and it’s something to see. The clothes are fabulous. The models are fabulous. The show is FABULOUS! Best of all, the alumni are invited to watch the dress rehearsal the afternoon before the big event. Since tickets to the actual gala dinner cost hundreds of dollars I appreciate the invitation to see the event early in the day at a much reduced price before the swells arrive in their limousines and ball gowns. (A couple of years ago my friend and fellow designer Anne M Bray sketched some of the celebrities attending the event and posted about it on her fashion blog, Spy Girl, here and here.) Sadly I don’t own a ball gown, so I put on my best professional designer attire, grabbed my camera, and headed to the daytime show. Unfortunately I hadn’t used my incredibly complicated professional camera in a few months so I had a hard time getting it to work. Most of my photos are a blurry mess, and some of my favorite collections didn’t turn out at all, but I managed to salvage a few shots for this blog post. If you are interested in seeing the whole show, and it’s worth watching I promise, check out the official video here.

Otis Fashion Show 2014: Puffy Jacket

Every year the junior class does a lot of fun work. Seen above is a collection that was made entirely of found fabric remade into clothing. I love the sleeping bag coat in the photo that introduces the post, and the puffer jacket above. Once coat in the collection fit into a bag. The model pulled the coat out of her tote and put it on during the show.

The Spirit of Otis Fashion: Transforming Evening Gowns

Another highlight in the show was the collection of transforming evening dresses. I kind of rolled my eyes when the concept was announced, but what the students did with the direction was wearable, elegant and truly fabulous. I would love to own any of these creations. Above is the “before” look and below the “after”. The Spirit of Otis Fashion: Transforming Evening dresses

The most spectacular collection was, of course, the finale. This year was, I think, one of the best so far. The collection was designed around famous 20th century dances, and started with the Tango. A delicious gown of black lace worn over red underwear.  Other dance/fashion sets included the Charleston, the Jitterbug, The Foxtrot, Disco and more. Here are a few photos of the collection, which was all modeled by very tall, slim dancers. The danced out onto the catwalk!

Otis Fashion Show 2014: Dance!

The Spirit of Otis Fashion: The Finale

The Spirit of Otis Fashion: The Finale

I honestly believe this year’s show was even better than the two prior. Although there were a couple of collections that fell flat, the good one’s were really, really, good. I was impressed! 2014 is one talented, hard working, class.  And here they are.

The Spirit of Otis Fashion: The Class of 2014

I can’t wait until next year!

The Spirit of Otis Fashion: The invitation 2014


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  1. June 8, 2014 - 9:42 AM

    I didn’t realise you had this blog as well as The Style Confessions!

    • June 9, 2014 - 2:38 PM

      Hi Arash, yes, this blog is actually why I started my personal style blog. I wanted to do more than I could do here on my professional site, so I created the Style Confessions as a place where I could share my love of fashion. I kept this blog as a place to share my love of design and fashion illustration. So now I have both, but I haven’t posted anything on The Style Confessions in a long time. I hope to get into it again when I have more time. I’ve had a lot of work recently, which is fabulous, but it means less time to run around taking photos for my other blog.