Fabulous Fashion Illustrations on Greeting Cards

Fashionable greeting cards: feathered shoes

I love discovering gorgeous things where I least expect them. Recently I bumped into a whole collection of fabulous fashion illustrations at the grocery store, of all places. They were part of a very large Papyrus greeting card display. Greeting cards decorated with fashionable subjects is not a new thing, I wrote about the phenomenon in Fashion Illustrations for Valentine’s Day and Greeting Card Art but I still get a thrill seeing a beautiful painting of feathered shoes, or a butterfly inspired gown.

Fashionable Greeting Cards

Butterfly gown on a Papyrus Greeting CardI love the addition of gems and glitter on the illustration above. I’ve noticed a lot of illustrators decorating their fashion illustrations with sequins and stones recently. At Mattel we ALWAYS “glittered” our illustrations, but I thought it was just for toys. I guess I was wrong.

Fashionable Greeting Cards

The profile of the girl with the scarf, above, is also decorated with stones and glitter. I like her chic bob and dark lipstick.

Greeting Card Display

Here is the display where I found the cards. Fancy grocery store, no? It’s funny because it really isn’t all that upscale, but I’m glad they made the extra effort.

What do you think of fashion illustrations on greeting cards? Do you find them as charming as I do?