My New Sketchbook

My New SketchpadEvery artist needs a sketchbook. I have friends in the design world who love tiny, high-end, paper books. Others who work on super-large paper. Some bypass the paper altogether and work directly on an electronic tablet or the computer. Personally I like to work in a  9″ by 12″ format and prefer tear-off sheets, but I recently decided to switch it up and splurged on a large black hard-cover Canson sketchbook. At 11″ by 14″ it isn’t much larger than my usual paper, but I still find the bigger paper freeing. Here’s my book, and a few of my recent pencil and marker sketches.

The Sketchbook

My New Sketchpad

Pencil Sketches of Hands and a Woman’s Profile

My New Sketchpad

My New Sketchpad

Why Use a Sketchbook?

The sketchbook I purchased wasn’t exactly cheap, and it’s not what I normally use to draw. So why did I buy it? Even though I use the computer to create most of my fashion illustrations and designs these days I still love the feel of pencil and real paper. I often find that these quick sketches are like a depository for ideas. Some of my favorite work, like this Icon for Bloglovin or this fashion doll design, started out as a quick pencil sketch on some random piece of paper. It seems to make more sense to put my pencil drawings and other little doodles in a drawing pad that I won’t lose or misplace. Later on I can finish the drawings if they continue to inspire me.

Here’s another reason to have a sketchbook. Drawing every day is a great way for a freelance designer, or any artist for that matter, to keep their skills sharp between projects. This spring I did a Daily Drawing Challenge and posted the results here on my blog, but writing about each drawing was often harder than creating the sketch, so I haven’t tried it again. Even though I’m not planning a daily drawing challenge any time soon I find creating a little doodle every day to be a really good exercise in creativity. If you’d like to see them I post my daily doodle on Instagram under the hashtag #dailydoodle.

Do you have a favorite sketch pad or drawing book? Tell me about it!

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