Love and Rockets Comics: The Inspirational Art of Jamie Hernandez

Love and Rockets Comics When I was in my late teens I was obsessed with a comic book called Love & Rockets. I wasn’t just fascinated with the uber-cool lives of Maggie and Hopie, the two main characters imagined and brought to life by Jaime Hernandez, I was also smitten by the author’s illustrations. The covers were a visual explosion of color, but on the inside the story line was drawn in a clean, flat style and laid out in graphic black and white. If you’re not familiar with the Love and Rockets comics here are some photos of the books in my collection. 

My Collection of Love and Rockets Comics

Love and Rockets Comics

Love and Rockets Comics

Fashion in Love & Rockets

Fashion was not Jaime’s focus, but he used the character’s clothes to help explain the character visually. Regardless, the girls of the “Locas”  story line wore some really cool clothes. It was the early 80’s and punk rock was in. His characters dressed the way I wanted to but couldn’t, and their down-and-out lifestyles of parties, music concerts and dead-end jobs just seemed like the coolest thing ever. I lived vicariously through the stories and rarely missed an issue.

Love and Rockets Comics

Ripped knees, biker jackets, fish net tights and oversized men’s shirts. Jaime understood new wave look, didn’t he?

Love and Rockets ComicsThe inside of the comic book was almost always drawn in black and white, but the covers were in vivid color. Here’s a close up of one of the covers. The two main characters, Maggie and Hopie, dress in punk rock plaid and combat boots.

Love and Rockets Comics

I recently rediscovered my collection of Love and Rockets comics in my parent’s garage. I had fun flipping through the issues and remembering how much I enjoyed reading them. I still love Jaime’s work, and it was a huge influence on my style of drawing when I was in school. Honestly it still is. On the other hand the crazy life of the main characters doesn’t interest me as much anymore, and although I tried to read through the books I didn’t get very far. I’m happy to just enjoy the art and design of the very talented Jaime Hernandez.

I should probably mention that the other half of the Love and Rockets comic books series, written by Jaime’s bother Gilbert, didn’t interest me at all.

Have you heard of the Love and Rockets comics?

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  1. Eve
    October 26, 2014 - 11:49 PM

    Thanks for sharing, otherwise I wouldn’t have known about the Love and Rockets comics. And to think my favorite combat boots made an appearance in it.