Cool Art Stuff for the Kid in All of Us

Cool art stuff for kids My local Blick art store sells regular art supplies like pencils, paints, canvas and paper. They also sell a large variety of cool art stuff, mostly for children. Set on tables in the front of the store like a colorful art buffet are fancifully shaped crayons, organic markers, adorable drawing kits, and crazy coloring books. As a kid I thought a regular large box of crayons was seductive. I can’t imagine how excited I would have been had these beautifully designed art supplies been around back then. As an adult I get a little giddy just looking at them. Feast your eyes on some of the wonderful things on display. 

Cool Art Stuff

I totally want to feed my creative juices and make some great fingerprint art. Don’t you?

Cool art stuff for kids

Cute art clay packs

Do It Yourself!

These kits are so pretty I’m not sure I’d want to take them out of the box.

DIY Nail Art Kit

Fabulous sewing supply kit

Cute Coloring Books and Journals

Cool art stuff for kids

Chic and Ecological Art Journals

Not Your Basic Crayons

Color Appeel Crayons

Space Invader Crayons

Bubble Gum Crayons

Fun for Adults Too!

Have procrastination? There’s a pen for that!

Cool art stuff for adults

A couple years ago I wrote a post on Creative Toys from the Art Store that included some of the things that I saw today at the same store. I guess cute art kits are always on sale at Blick.

What do you think of the cutesy crayons, pens and journals? I love looking but I didn’t buy. I guess I like my art stuff pretty basic. On the other hand I think some of these items would make great gifts.

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