Inspiration in Unexpected Places: Sketches of Japanese Folklore Adorn a Hallway

Sketches of Japanese Folklore - the MonkeyI adore line drawings. One of my biggest frustrations creating art on the computer is the difficulties I face trying to create fabulous, natural, line quality with my Wacum pen. It just doesn’t want to do what a real brush does, or maybe I just haven’t figured out how to do it yet. That thick and thin calligraphy effect is hard to achieve, both in real life and on the computer, so when I see drawings that display an expert’s touch I am always impressed. Imagine my excitement when I discovered these sketches of Japanese Folklore stories painted in a corridor in the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center in Little Tokyo. It took some digging but I found out that these whimsical sketches are the work of artist Hirokazu Kosaka and were part of an exhibit called Frolicking Monkeys and Frogs. The cultural center left the paintings up in the subterranean corridor that leads to the beautiful “Seiryu-en” or Garden of the Clear Stream, a Japanese Garden hidden in the midst of downtown Los Angeles.  The sketches of leaping frogs, monkeys riding deer and other animals frolicking on the walls were a wonderful discovery. I just wish I had taken more photos!

Some Whimsical Sketches of Japanese Folklore Animals

Sketches of Japanese Folklore - The Chase

Sketches of Japanese Folklore - the Monkey

What do you think of the sketches? Have you ever found something inspirational in an unexpected place?


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