Fashion Sketches – Three Ways to Wear a Tulle Skirt

Fashion Sketches - The Tulle SkirtTulle skirts have been part of the fashion scene since the 1950’s, maybe longer. They come in and go out, like all things in fashion, and every time they come back they’re a little different. In the 1980’s wearing “petticoats” were all the rage. Cindy Lauper wore her petticoats with vintage corset tops, and Betsey Johnson fueled the trend by selling dozens of different styles of super full tulle skirts. I still remember seeing them hanging in her stores in every color of the rainbow. Then, like all trends, they were out. A couple of decades later a tulle skirt appeared on Sex and the City, and the look started to make a comeback. It’s still a bit on the fringe. I haven’t seen too many tulle skirts at retail, but there are many tutorials online on how to sew them. I’m not sure I’ll be wearing a tulle skirt anytime soon, but I love the look and made these fun skirts the focus of these three black and white fashion sketches.

The Sketches

In the first fashion sketch, above, my model wears her hair up in a big poof to balance out her huge tulle skirt. I accessorized the outfit with a little clutch, bangles, a little glittery something in the hair and pointy toe heels. The girl below wears a more casual outfit, with boots and a big coat.

Fashion Sketches - The Tulle Skirt

I also sketched a simpler look. This is how I imagine I would wear a tulle skirt if I had one.

Fashion Sketches - The Tulle Skirt

Do you like the tulle skirt trend too?


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