Corel Painter 12 and a New Daily Drawing Challenge

Daily Drawing Challenge: a white dress in Corel PainterA little while ago I became the proud owner of a new Cintiq, the revolutionary computer screen that allows you to draw directly on the image you’re creating. It’s a lot like drawing on a piece of paper but unlike a sheet of wood pulp the screen gets hot. On the other hand there’s no mess, no clean up, and almost nothing to store. I’ve found that the more comfortable I become with digital art tools the more I enjoy using the computer for designs and illustrations. I haven’t completely given up my drawing pad yet, but it’s slowly being phased out.

Practice Makes Perfect

In order to feel competent drawing on my fabulous new Cintiq I’d need to use it, a lot, so in April I embarked on my first daily drawing challenge. During that time I created quite a bit of nothing special, but I also did a few really good black and white sketches and full color illustrations in Adobe Photoshop. I’m now happy with the technique I developed in that media, but the art created in Photoshop can’t help but be flat. I want to find a way to create art that looks more like my hand-painted illustrations. Enter Corel Painter 12.

Falling in Love with Corel Painter

Corel Painter is laid out much like Photoshop, but instead of being a photo-editing software that also offers painting tools, Corel Painter is all about painting! It’s whole mission is to take all the tools artists use in real life an create a realistic digital copy. I love it and I want to get really good at it, so I’ve decided that while I watch the Corel Painter 12 tutorial 0n (It’s fabulous by the way) I will embark on a new daily drawing challenge. This time I’ll be trying out each of the “brushes” in the Painter arsenal in the hopes of becoming very familiar with the software.  My hope is to find a few brushes that I really like so that I can focus on those and create some good techniques that really work for my illustration style. Above is my first try with “acrylic” brushes. It’s based on this photo that I found on Pinterest. Like last time my sketches and paintings will all be fashion and doll related.

The brushes in Corel Painter 12 are arranged alphabetically but I think it makes more sense to familiarize myself with the basic art media first. I’ve arranged the daily challenges starting with the media I use the most in real life like watercolor and gouache and moving on to pens, charcoal and at the end of the challenge oil paints. Later on I will try out the more whimsical options. Here’s my daily challenge list:

Corel Painter 12 Daily Drawing Challenge List

  1. Acrylics
  2. Digital Watercolor
  3. Watercolor
  4. Real Watercolor
  5. Tinting
  6. Gouache
  7. Charcoal Pencil
  8. Pencils
  9. Pens
  10. Liquid Ink
  11. Pattern Ink
  12. Marker
  13. Pastels
  14. Chalk/Crayon
  15. Airbrush
  16. Gel
  17. Oils
  18. Real Wet Oils
  19. Impasto
  20. Artists
  21. Sponges
  22. Sumi – e

While I’m working on these I will also experiment with the blender and eraser tools. There are a number of other media that I haven’t listed but will experiment with eventually, including Clone, F-X, Image Hose, Palette Knife, Photo and Smart Strokes. Oh my gosh. There’s so much to learn! It’s a little overwhelming isn’t it?

Follow My Daily Drawing Challenge

Once the challenge is at an end I will  post my favorites from the series here on the blog. If you’d rather follow along every day I’ll be posting my experiments, the good, bad, and the ugly, on my Tumblr: Fashion Illustrations by Heather Fonseca as well as my Daily Drawing Challenge Pinterest board. I’ll also be posting the images on twitter under the hashtag #dailydrawingchallenge. I hope you’ll follow along!

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Comments (3)

  1. June 4, 2013 - 3:30 PM

    Sounds like a good plan! Looking forward to seeing your experiments!

  2. June 21, 2013 - 7:20 AM

    Yeah, daily drawings can get intense, ESPECIALLY if you’re also trying to learn new tools.

    Maybe instead of every day, explore a different media tool every week? Some of those tools have so many options (hello watercolor)! Plus the fact that each tool/brush can be customized — it’s enough to drive one MAD! Screenshots are your friend when you hit something you really like. Capture the whole screen so you have the art sample and brush settings together.