Creative Business Card Designs from Some Very Talented Art Students

Linda Jiang's Business Card and Promotional MaterialCreating great looking promotional material is more important than ever if you’re a designer looking for a job. A memorable business card, resume, and style sheet showing off your work isn’t just a good idea, it’s a necessity. Here are some great business card designs and other promotional material created by the 2013 toy design seniors at Otis College of Art and Design to inspire you! 

Promotional Material from the 2013 Toy Design graduating class at Otis

Toy Design students' promotional material

I recently attended the 2013 Annual Exhibition Preview at Otis College of Art and Design. I am a toy designer myself and have been invited to speak with toy design seniors a couple of times a year, so of course I love to see what the talented students in the graduating class have created for their big event. Each student creates three larger-than-life boards displaying their designs for the exhibition. I planned to bring my camera and take photos of the students with their work but realized somewhere on the 405 freeway that I’d left it at home. (I wasn’t able to take photos, but one of their teachers did! If you’re looking for some great doll and toy design inspiration check out the Otis Toy Design Senior Show on Flickr.) Instead I collected their resumes and promotional material. It gives you a good idea of the dedication and hard work that these kids bring to their profession.

In addition to the presentation boards the students create a portfolio they will bring to interviews. They are also required to set up an online portfolio, print out business cards, and create a style sheet showing off their best work. No designer’s arsenal would be complete without a resume but the students are encouraged to bring their creativity to what used to be a dry document of dates and professional obligations. Not anymore.

Creative Business Card Designs, Buttons and Resumes

Chrissy Li's toy design and illustration resume

That is not any old resume!

I’ve  placed on the resume another self-promotional tool that some of the students create: pins! Chrissy put some of her cutest little illustrations onto buttons to give away during the exhibition. Notice how her artistic style flows consistently between the resume, business card design and buttons.

My favorite pins were created by the very talented Linda Jiang.

Linda Jiang's toy design resume

Maya Fridman took the cute little yellow creature-logo from her business card and made him in 3D to give away to prospective employers.

Maya Fridman's toy design business card and promotional material

Naz Onderoglu created a cute button with her owl logo.

Naz Onderoglu's resume and promotional material

All the students did amazing work and their promotional material is fabulous. I wish I had more space to show off everything! I’ll have to make do with a photo of all the students’ business cards.

A Few Cool Business Card Designs

Business Card Designs from the Toy Design Senior Class

All of these cards are two-sided. Here is a photo of both sides of Jun Park’s business card. I like that one side is arranged as a portrait and the other as a landscape.

Creative Business Card Design by Jun Park

I always come away from the Senior Exhibit inspired and I hope you find their work as fun and creative, yet professional, as I do.

For more information on the Toy Design program and class of 2013 check out the Otis College of Art and Design websiteThis video will give you a good idea of the kind of work the students in the toy design department create.

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  1. June 14, 2013 - 3:33 PM

    So inspiring. I have always lacked the ability to design so I did the next best thing i could. I designed accounting systems for the textile and embroidery industries combined with financing in the entertainment industry.

    if possible, i would like to pass my infomration to those students and let them know I am interested in creating an investment fund to finance such talent.