Push your Creativity with a Daily Drawing Challenge

When I decided to take part in a daily drawing challenge I knew I was not alone. My friend Anne Bray inspired me with her Spy Girl sketches a couple of years ago. Still, I wasn’t aware that daily sketching challenges were so popular. A quick Google search yielded dozens of artists drawing something every day, there’s a Tumblr blog on the subject, and even a Pinterest board devoted to “random pics for daily sketching exercises”.  The 30 Day Drawing Challenge page on Facebook has over 4,500 “likes” and Deviant Art has a thriving community devoted to drawing every day.  The difference with these challenges and mine is that they usually follow a list of things to sketch, like this one. Self portraits are popular, as are animals and favorite foods. For my challenge I will just draw fashionably dressed women, and the sketches will be based on whatever inspires me the day I draw them. I will be drawing Monday through Friday the entire month of April and will post them here on this blog. Here is my first sketch.

Sketch of a girl in a maxi dress

Yesterday I returned from a trip to Carpenteria, a delightful little beach town here in southern California. Although the dress code is definitively casual I spied a number of inspirational beach outfits. Late in the day I saw this girl pulling on a long, high-waised maxi dress over her bikini as she folded her beach chair and picked up oversized bags filled with towels and sunblock. Even after a day in the sand and surf she looked so chic and pulled together with her hat and woven sandals. I drew her from memory and a little help from this photo.

I hope you like her!

Have you ever taken part in a daily drawing challenge?

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  1. April 1, 2013 - 3:32 PM

    Great start!
    I started mine with Patti, the hostess of Visible Monday

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