How to Look Fabulous with a Bright Red Statement Necklace

Red Rose Necklace Illustration

Isn’t she fabulous? I saw a woman wearing a this bright red statement necklace at a local fashion industry event. The outfit was simple: black shell top and black pants. The only color came from her spectacular red necklace, lips and nail polish.

Every year the fashion department at Otis College of Art and Design puts on a gala event that includes a huge fashion show. The clothes on the catwalk are all designed by the Junior and Senior class. (I wrote about the 2012 show on my fashion blog. Click here to see the post.) A month before the event is what’s called the “Jury Show”. Otis fashion department alumni and fashion industry insiders attend this much more intimate affair. We vote for the clothes that make it onto the runway at the big show later in the year. Last year the jury show was canceled. This year it was reinvented as a “Jury Exhibition”. Instead of being shown on models walking down a runway, the clothes were shown on mannequins along with the student’s original fashion illustration. Everyone I talked to liked the new style of jury show much better. It was a relaxed, fun event.

People watching is one of my favorite pastimes and it’s always interesting to see what other fashion designers wear. Their outfits are usually as diverse as they are, which is to say, very diverse. People in the crowd wore everything from jeans and a t-shirt, to classic office wear, to eclectic mixes of prints and patterns. One woman really stood out though. She wouldn’t tell me who she worked for except that it was a well-known swimwear company. Her outfit consisted of a simple black top and matching stovepipe trousers. Around her neck was a brilliant tomato-red beaded rosette necklace. Her lipstick and nail polish matched the necklace perfectly. It was a stunning outfit.

The necklace is by Jcrew. She told me it sold out of their stores but I found it on Ebay for $280. A bit outside of my budget at the moment, but I was tempted! As it turns out the reason her lipstick matches the necklace perfectly is that it was made by Jcrew to go with the necklace. Ditto the nail polish!

This is day 6 of my daily drawing challenge.

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