Experimenting with Corel Painter 12

Fashion Sketch created on Corel Painter 12

My father told me about Corel Painter years ago. He loved it, but said the interface was so non-intuative that it made Adobe Photoshop look easy. At the time I was still struggling to  understand and use Photoshop. The last thing I needed was another learning curve from computer hell, so I put Corel Painter on my “try it one day in the future” list, and forgot all about it.

A few week’s ago a friend brought up Corel Painter again. She was especially excited about how the paints acted in Corel Painter 12. “The watercolors actually DRIP!” she exclaimed. I wasn’t completely convinced, but my knowledge of computer art has improved since my father suggested the program and so I decided to it out.

What can I say? I love it! It’s as if they took Photoshop and designed it for drawing and painting. The paintbrush palette presents dozens of different art mediums like oil paint, artist pastel, colored pencil and watercolor. Within each medium are dozens of different brushes and paint styles. You can use wet brushes and dry, fat brushes and pointy brushes. I also love that you can choose from a number of different kinds of paper. The color options palette offers a number of different varieties including where you can mix paints. The side toolbar, you know, the skinny one on the left, shares many of the same icons as in Photoshop, but in Corel Painter 12 they’ve only included the tools useful for artists.

As I was experimenting with the program the color palette decided it didn’t want me to use anything other than white so it’s not totally user-friendly. It looks like I’ll be watching some tutorials over the next few weeks but right now I just want to have some fun experimenting with the program. It’s easy to do. I don’t know what the earlier versions were like, but Corel Painter 12 is a fun and intuitive computer application.

Here’s my first quick fashion sketch in Corel Painter 12. I love the technique of laying down a quick gesture in a sheer wash of color, then drawing the details on with a fine brush dipped in black paint. Corel did a good job approximating this style.

This is day 16 of my daily drawing challenge.

So you know I am not affiliated with Corel or Corel Painter, I just like the product and wanted to share my excitement!

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Comments (2)

  1. April 23, 2013 - 5:24 PM

    Heehee. You finally tried it! I knew you would “get” it. Photoshop was originally designed for photo retouching, and that is its strength. Illustrator for graphics. Corel Painter for PAINTERS!

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