Edwardian Gothic Doll Design

Edwardian Gothic Doll Design Close Up

I started this design for an Edwardian-Gothic inspired doll a few years ago but never got past the quick sketch stage. The other day as I was updating this website I found the post An Edwardian Gothic Inspired Doll Design and thought my little sketch was so cute.  I decided it needed a finished sketch to do it justice. Well, here it is! And just in time for the very last day of April and the end of my daily drawing challenge.

My Original Edwardian Gothic Doll Design

Quick sketch of an Edwardian Gothic doll by Heather Fonseca

My original sketch, which you can see above, is in marker and ink, but my new drawing was created almost entirely in Adobe Photoshop. I worked on finessing her hair and her hat, as well as creating a more interesting design for her shoes which now include bows and buckles. Other than that the design is almost identical.

The New Edwardian Gothic Doll Illustration

Edwardian Gothic Doll Design by Heather Fonseca

So what do you think? Does my new sketch do the drawing justice?

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  1. May 2, 2013 - 1:29 PM

    I like both! Each have a different flavor.