Drawing of a Girl in Sunglasses

Red Beret: Fashion Illustration by Heather Fonseca

This drawing of a girl in sunglasses was inspired by this photo. Like most of my drawings it started as an idea, then a pencil sketch. I finished it up in Adobe Photoshop.

Drawing sunglasses is hard. No really. Well, maybe not for you, but for me they’re hard. It’s difficult to get the shape just right. One wrong turn of the pen and it’s all over. I reworked these sunglasses over and over again until they looked real. Somehow I got so carried away with my sunglasses that I forgot to draw the girl’s eyes, or maybe there’s another version hidden somewhere in the layers with eyes. Even so I like the end result. She looks pretty cool in her peplum top, black pencil skirt and tomato-red beret doesn’t she?

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This is day 19 of my daily drawing challenge.

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