Betsey Johnson at Lucky FABB

Yesterday I attended Lucky FAAB west, a yearly fashion and beauty blogging conference held by Lucky magazine. There were a few celebrity guests, including Kelly Osbourne and Drew Barrymore, but the one famous person I really wanted to see was the designer Betsey Johnson. I’ve been wearing, and loving, her clothes since I was a teenager. I was upset last year when I heard that her company declared bankruptcy and all her fun boutiques were closing their doors, but this is not the end of this spunky septuagenarian. She’s starting a new line of clothes with a little help from her old friend Steve Madden, the one that designs all those wild platform shoes, and she’s also starring in a new reality TV show.

Betsey showed up at the conference wearing the sort of outfit one does not normally associate with seventy year old women: Black knee-length distressed leggings with rhinestone patches, heaps of bracelets and belts, her signature white-blond hair and bright fuchsia lipstick. I did my best to capture her outfit and youthful spirit in my sketch, but she moves so much it’s hard to see more than a blur of energy and excitement.

A quick sketch of Betsey Johnson

Betsey’s advice to the audience was to love what you do. She says she started making clothes because she couldn’t find anything she wanted to wear, and that she had to hold onto her vision and demand it.  Personally I can’t imagine anyone going up against this fireball of energy, but there are some pretty tough people in the fashion industry. At one point she said she went into fashion because she just didn’t know any better. She had no background in the industry, she just got lucky. And she did say that luck had a lot to do with her success, luck and a lot of work.

This is day five of my daily drawing challenge. So far it’s going really well. I did a lot more than one drawing yesterday, in fact I filled my sketch book with drawings and scribbles. I’ll share more of them soon.

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