A Quick Sketch of a J Crew Girl

Catalogs often offer the best fashion drawing inspiration. The clothes in those glossy sales pages need to be seen and understood. This makes for poses that translate easily to a drawing. My favorite catalog for fashion inspiration is definitely J Crew. Love their clothes. Love the art direction. Love it all!

Here’s a drawing inspired by this J Crew Girl from the April 2013 J Crew catalog.

Black and white Fashion sketch

This is day 10 of my daily drawing challenge, and what a challenge it’s been!


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  1. Ken Holton
    April 13, 2013 - 4:51 AM

    Dear Heather,
    Just when I think you cannot amaze me anymore with your talent, you display this!!! You are truly a brilliant artist, and I hope that you will compete at One Spark next week in Jacksonville!! You are truly that good!!! 🙂