Creative Distractions and a Sketch of A Girl and Her Phone

Do you know why I started this daily drawing challenge? I started it because life is just so darn distracting. It’s HARD to find time to create, to draw, to work on new material for my portfolio, which must stay new and fresh in order to be relevant. I blame my phone. It does everything. It plays games. It keeps me updated on my e-mails, Facebook notifications and tweets. I take photos with it and share them with total strangers. I happily waste hours on the thing and I don’t know how I ever lived without it. Ten years ago I would never have seen a photo like this one, that would lead to a sketch like this one:Drawing of a girl and her phone

I wonder how distracted she is, clutching her oversized clutch bag, her hair in her face, oblivious to the photographer next to her. She could be me. I certainly relate to her intense devotion to that little thing in her hand. No doubt it contains her whole life. Mine does. The alarm reminds me to pick up my kids from school and move the cars on street cleaning days. The calendar beeps at me a day before a doctor’s appointment and again thirty minutes before. I probably shouldn’t start singing praises for my “To Do” app too lest you think I am a total bore, but yes, it’s essential to my sense of order and security. Then there’s the all-important grocery shopping app. The list goes on and on. The smart phone is an essential tool for a modern woman, but we waste a lot of precious time goofing around too.

As for the sketch I have to say it didn’t look so great in real life. I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to post it, but after a few minutes playing around with different filters in Photoshop and coloring in her purse with the pen tool I was happy with the results. So maybe some time spent goofing around is time well spent after all?

Here’s to putting down the phone and picking up the pencil (or the pen tool in Photoshop)!

P.S. This is the third day of my daily drawing challenge.

Comments (3)

  1. April 3, 2013 - 10:32 AM

    Ahh I am one of the people who isn’t stuck to her phone. Never really have been a phone person. When I got a smartphone with internet, I did notice how I kept checking my e-mail etc. But when my contract ended I didn’t know what phone to take, so just took a cheap bundle and left out the internet… for now. I only use the phone for replying to stuff on FB/Twitter/Instagram now (next to texting/calling obviously). For appointments I have it on the fridge and I still write my to do lists/grocery lists. 🙂

    Love the sketch! She really is too caught up in her phone. Sometimes when I post a doodle peek…I really only posted it as the picture made it look nicer than how it really looked haha. But a peek is a peek right?

  2. April 3, 2013 - 12:43 PM

    Oh, you mean it’s a phone? That I can TALK to people on?

    It’s the modern reliquary. Or maybe the modern devotional. We all look like we’re praying when we’re using them, gently clasped in our hands.