The blog is back…

Plaid skirt

Heather’s Design Blog

I started this website in 2010 as an online portfolio to help promote my freelance design business. At first it included a blog, but as my clients and projects increased I found myself less concerned about updating the website and more concerned about hitting my due dates. Originally I posted every week, then it slowed to once a month, and eventually I couldn’t even keep that up, so I hid the blog from sight.

I know to stay relevant in the field of design I need to continue working on my computer skills, especially in the area of illustration. My goal for 2013 is to get to the point where I can do all my freelance work directly on the computer. Of course, if my clients want hand drawn illustrations I can do that too! The drawing above is a combination of ink and photoshop. I’m pretty happy  with it and I’m working on more. Whenever I have something new to show I’ll put it up here. I hope you like it!

So here it is. Heather’s Design Blog is back from a long vacation.


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