Lost Dolls

Lost Dolls: A Thrift Store Filled with Forgotten Toys


Lost Dolls: A Thrift Store Filled with Forgotten ToysI know many people look for old dolls in thrift stores, but second hand stores in Los Angeles mostly sell vintage goods, serious vintage goods. You can find 1960’s Chanel suits and mid-century table settings at our local antique shops, but they’re not the place to find lost dolls and forgotten toys.

Hunting for Lost Dolls in Oregon

This summer my family and I drove to Oregon.  We had never before visited our neighboring state and I was amazed by the miles and miles of forest that seem to cover the land.  Every so often the forest would part and we’d find ourselves in a town. Oregon, it turns out, is home to many fabulous antique stores. Since I design dolls for a living I was especially interested in seeing the figurines and collectables which live in all the vintage emporiums, just waiting for a new home.  Some, like the pretty antique dolls above, are meant to be on display. Others, like these Barbie Dolls, look lonely and lost.

Lost Dolls in Plastic Wrap

This antique collective had a number of vintage dolls in the window.

Of all the dolls I saw my favorite was this fabulous, pink feather decorated, can-can dancer.

In the end I didn’t buy any dolls, though I did score a pristine 195o’s purse!

Seen any fabulous lost dolls in an antique store recently?

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  1. November 6, 2011 - 10:01 PM

    50’s purse? Nicely done.
    As for Oregon, it’s really beautiful there, one of my favourite fabric depots and Portland has some great little places… tucked away vintage/antiques when we visited there last year. Though, I wasn’t particularly in search of dolls.