This Summer my family and I visited the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento, California. Downstairs is a large collection of real locomotives and fascinating displays of the history of American trains. The vintage toys and trains are on display upstairs. Some are very old, like this engine from the 1870’s.

On Display at the Train Museum

When I was a child my cousins had a model train set up in their garage.  I was intrigued by it and desperately wanted to “run” the trains with the remote myself, but my cousins would never let me. Still, I loved watching the trains go round and round, running on different tracks and occasionally falling off too. I still find the sight of model trains and their miniature villages, people and trees delightful.


Above is a photo of  a “Plasticville” town on display at the museum.  Below is a set of “citizens”.  I love the red, white, and blue stripe packaging.  It’s very dramatic in a patriotic way.

Vintage Toy Trains

So much has been written about toy trains. I’m sure there are whole blogs devoted to the subject! Unfortunately, I don’t know that much about model trains so I just took some photos of the one’s I found interesting from a design perspective. I love the simple cut-out shapes in the yellow and black engine below. It looks like it was made by hand, doesn’t it?

There were other toys as well, like this beautiful metal trolley from the 1910’s.

Vintage Toys on Display

I like the original Tinkertoy packaging. It makes me want to tinker! There weren’t as many vintage toys on display in the museum, but I really enjoyed what they had.

Here’s a vintage, child-sized, metal stove. I love the knobs and the “Lionel” logo.

If you’d like to see some more photos of the train museum, and what I wore that day, check out my post at The Style Confessions: The Sunshine Express.

Do you share my appreciation of vintage, and new, toy trains? Do you like the photos I’ve posted?  What do you think of them?