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  1. That is a really cute necklace and I’m not surprised Steph was wearing it. She is quirky like that and I love it! I’m really interested in the worded necklace. Is there anything on the other side? I love that it says “blasted into orgasm” HA!

    • @Fashnlvr, Oh my gosh I didn’t notice one of her necklaces said “blasted into orgasm”. How funny! I agree it makes the look even better. I don’t know what’s on the other side or the necklace. Maybe Stephanie will stop by and tell us.

  2. I was a big Barbie fan as a child and yes I think I’d definitely wear it…I think that now I could pull it off better thatn at 12 or 13 because back then, all we tried to do is grow up!!!
    Now I have a Hello Kitty phase, because I always liked Hello Kitty, but when I was a kid there wasn’t the abundance of merchandise that there is today, so you know, I have to “make up for” the lost time!!!
    Anna recently posted..LOFT design by… store opening in KifisiaMy Profile

    • @Anna, I love the Hello Kitty things too, though I think at the point the market for them might be oversaturated, at least here in L.A. Isn’t it funny how we like wearing these cute things now that we’re grown up, but when we were kids we found them too babyish? My daughter won’t wear any cute Barbie or Hello Kitty things anymore. Sigh.

  3. Not a huge fan of Barbie, but I wanted to say congrats on the move and good luck.

    Oh, and if you need anything crazy from Japan, let me know. I’m heading back in October to renew my drivers license and pay some taxes (oh, the wonder that is living in two countries…).

    • @Kionon, Hi Kionon! Thanks for stopping by! I’m now following you on twitter. Let us know how things are in Japan – I’ve heard things are still really bad.

      • @Heather Fonseca,


        From what I understand the damage is actually way north of my city (and I am currently in Texas, hence the offer). Fukushima and the area for about 20 miles is totally evacuated, and my be evacuated for many, many years. Tokyo is pretty much fine, and where I’m from (why down in Kyoto), there are no real effects.

        The south did get hit with a typhoon, but in most areas it wasn’t that bad.

        The big issue is how easily radiation attaches to and travels by items: food from the north is registering higher than normal radiation, and that affects everyone nationwide.

  4. I do think it is very cute. I would purchase it for my daughter who would just put it up (with the Barbie dolls she collects). I must admit, I myself would never wear it. I do like Barbie she has the closet to die for.