The Vampire Queen: Dreaming up a Doll

If vampires aren’t topical at the moment I don’t know what is. True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and Twilight are just a handful of the books, movies, and TV shows on the subject. Designing a vampire doll seems like the thing to do. These days vampires wear jeans and look like everyone else only with paler skin, but I wanted to create something unusual and theatrical. I started out by finding inspirational images a few of which I’ve posted here.

Design Inspiration

I love the colors, design details and the textures of the fabric in the Dolche & Gabbana ad.

The colors in these roses, which I found in Martha Stewart Living, are beautiful yet creepy.

The Doll Design

So, using these images and a few others I started designing my vampire doll. I wanted the doll to be wearing something opulent, unusual and yet very obviously a vampire. Of course, it’s a doll, so it has to be pretty too.
This is my first sketch for the concept. I see her on her way to a gala for the undead in a ball gown with a ruched satin skirt like the interior of a coffin. Feathers, velvet, and even some tassels decorate a corset style bodice. Pale white skin and a drop of blood finish the look.

The Finished Illustration of The Vampire Queen

I continued to work on the design for the final illustration. I changed the gown from full to slim, added some rhinestone jewels to the bodice and a train of chiffon. I also experimented with using pastels over paint on Canson paper.

And there she is: my Queen of the Vampires. Do you like the original quick sketch or the finished illustration better?

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