Inspiration can come from anywhere.  Often it finds me when I’m walking down the street which is why I love to look in store windows. According to the dictionary “window shopping” means “to look at the displays in retail store windows without going inside the stores to make purchases”. True, but this activity is so much more than just looking passively from the sidewalk. Store windows can hold the most magical, inspirational vignettes.

This design for a princess doll was inspired by an especially pretty window display.  Her costume is inspired by Tudor fashion and incorporates some of the green hues I saw in the store display.  The brocade in the gown reflects the filigree design on the vase, and her necklace echos the tiered chandelier on display.

I am no stranger to murky green velvet and historical fashion.  I’ve used green color ways like the one above in both the Princess of Ireland Barbie Doll and The Bard Barbie Doll.  You can see photos of these dolls by clicking on the links.

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