Frankenstein monster purse

Monsters are in. Monster High is a huge hit in the doll world. The Walking Dead and all it’s offshoots have conquered TV. Monster chic is even in fashion. I saw this girl walking down Melrose Avenue, a local trendy shopping street, holding this quirky bag. Yes, that’s the Frankenstein monster on her black patent leather purse. I just love it! Actually, her whole look was pretty great. I like the way her stripe dress works with the purse and her strait black hair. Unfortunately I didn’t get a shot of her shoes, but here’s a better photo of the bag.

Frankenstein Purse

It was originally sold by an online company called TooFast, which is where I found the photo. But it’s out of stock now.

Would you wear a monster purse? I think Frankie Stein would, don’t you?