Digital Design for Fashion

“Digital Design for Fashion” is a 12 week long extension class held once a year at Otis College of Art and Design, an art school here in Los Angeles. It’s taught by my dear friend Anne Bray.  She designs prints and teaches computer design classes.  She’s also a brilliant artist.  You can see her website here: Anne M

The Magic of Photoshop

A few weeks ago I learned how to use the MAGIC ERASER. Wow! Wow! Wow!  Those of you who use Adobe Photoshop frequently will think I’m such a dork to not have known about the magic eraser, but I didn’t.  Now I will be able to knock the backgrounds off my scanned illustrations with ease. I’ve been going to town with my new favorite tool, and in my last post I showed how I’ve been using it to update some of my older work.  Here’s how I’ve used this and other skills on some of my newer illustrations.

The background is a paisley I found on the Internet, added artistic overlays to, and futzed with in the layers area. Here’s the original. (Unfortunately I can’t find the original to thank the owner, but I’ll keep looking.)

And here’s another take on the same paisley background with all three dolls. It’s psychedelic!

To see the original illustrations check out the portfolio page: “Gypsy Chic”.

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