Blythe loves Littleest Pet shopI was searching for doll patterns on-line when I came across the cutest looking doll called Blythe.  I had never heard of or seen her before.  (For a doll designer I am unfortunately rather ignorant when it comes to doll history.) A quick check on Wikipedia and I learned this pretty 11″ fashion doll with large glass eyes was originally produced by Kenner in 1972. She was rediscovered in the early 2,000’s and now replicas are being sold to a thriving collector’s market. Somewhere along the line I heard a miniature version was being made my Hasbro to be sold with it’s Littlest Pet Shop line.  The collection is called Blythe loves Littlest Pet Shop. Blythe mini comes in a pack with a cute little pet! I was excited to see the  dolls at my local Target the other day and took some quick photos with my phone. I think the outfit in the photo above is my favorite.  It shows that even sophisticated looking outfits can be very girl-friendly.  I love the netting on her hat!

Blythe Mini Goes on a Mini Picnic

Blythe loves Littleest Pet shopI’ve always had a “thing” for miniature picnic accessories, and her’s are very cute. I  like Blythe’s red hair and big green eyes too.

Have you seen these Blythe mini dolls at the store?  What do you think of them?