An Edwardian-Gothic Inspired Doll Design

Creating a new design, be it apparel or doll, is a process.  I was trained at Otis-Parsons (now Otis College of Art and Design) in the traditional manner: start with your fabrics and whatever else you find inspiring and then do dozens and dozens, maybe hundreds, of “croquis” or quick sketches.  Below is an example of  a quick sketch of one my newer designs.

A Quick Sketch of a Doll Design

In my opinion dolls that feature lots of small details, trims and a variety of fabrics are really appealing.  Dolls can wear things that real people have a hard time pulling off and are a perfect platform for fashion fantasy. Often the more unusual the style, the cooler the doll.   I see this design as part of a collectible Edwardian-Gothic sort of collection and might eventually take it and work it into a full illustration.

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