Princess of the Nile Barbie

Sometimes an e-mail can make your day.

Ellen Brundige contacted me  to tell me she wrote and published an article about one of the dolls I designed while I was at Mattel. Ellen is a graduate student with an MA in classical studies. In her free time she creates educational web pages on topics she knows and loves.  Sometimes she uses consumer products in her articles.  One day she stumbled across the “Princess of the Nile Barbie” and thought, “Heeeey, this all looks very, very familiar!”  She then wrote a detailed article on Ancient Egyptian fashion using my doll as a reference. You can see the article here:

Egyptian Barbie: A Unique Lesson in Ancient Egypt

I can see that designer Heather Fonseca did her research. She must have dug through a lot of New Kingdom Egyptian art, especially the well-known treasures from Tutankhamun’s tomb, to put together this ensemble.

What really impressed me is she found the original sketch of the design, which somehow found it’s way to a fan site that no longer seems to be in existence. Unfortunately it’s just a tiny thumbnail.

Princess of the Nile Barbie sketchPlease check out Ellen’s article if you have a chance.  It’s well written, educational, and a lot of fun.