A Girl and Her American Girl Doll

American Girl

The Grove is a fanciful outdoor shopping mall in Los Angeles.  The wide pedestrian-only walkway, open air trolley rolling down the street and dancing musical fountain create a fun atmosphere that appeals to both locals and tourists alike.  One of the most unusual sights, however, has to be all the little girls, walking with their parents and holding their dolls, on their way to a lunch or play date at the ultimate doll extravaganza: The American Girl Place.

American Girl Place at The Grove

The American Girl Place hosts a doll hospital, a book store, a cafe, two stories of shopping fun and a mini hair salon just for doll hair. Are you trying to imagine what the salon looks like?  Well, here it is in the photo below.

The Mini Hair Salon

American Girl Place - The Hair Doll Salon

Lunch with your Best Friend

This was my first trip to the American Girl cafe, which I found very  chic in an “Eloise” kind of way.   The food was good and there were a large variety of champagne cocktails for the mommies.  I loved it.

American Girl Place - Lunch Room

You can sit outside too. My daughter wants to have her next birthday party here.  Heck, I want to have MY next birthday party here!

American Girl Place - Lunch Room

But let me talk a bit about the reason this girly fantasy is here at all.  I’m not totally sure when American Girl burst onto the scene. She’s an expensive doll, as doll’s go.  But girls, and moms, love her.  She’s wholesome.  She’s got great accessories and pretty clothes.  Everything is rather well made and beautifully designed.  To see what I mean check out this little stove below.

Fabulous Accessories

American Girl - The Stove

I want it in my kitchen.

An American Girl

If you’ve never seen the doll, here’s a rather cute version.

American Girl Doll

Match your dress to your doll

What’s more, many of the doll’s clothes are sold with matching girl-sized versions.  This is a popular fashion statement for the clientele.

American Girl - A Girl and Her Doll

American Girl - A Girl and Her Doll

Some girls do their own thing too, like the mini fashionistas below. It’s quite the fashion scene at the American Girl Place.

American Girl - A Girl and Her Doll

American Girl - A Girl and Her Doll

A Girl and Her Doll

My daughter has both an American Girl doll and Bitty Baby, the baby doll made by the same company.  Both are hand-me-downs from her cousin. Even though she’s almost 11 she still loves them, plays with them, and even brought her baby doll with her to the birthday party we attended this weekend.  I was so happy she still likes her dolls that I bought her one of the matching outfits.  Here she is dressed for the party.  Maybe one day I’ll get a shot of her in her new outfit.

American Girl - A Girl and Her Doll

Do you know about the American Girl dolls?  Do you have one?  Would you buy one for your daughter?

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